Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Same....But Different

I am still working in plaster - but the process is somewhat different. Today, I worked on trying to transfer a copy of a drawing I did onto a plastered board that I added paint too.

I added some transfered text and bits of stamps to finish it off. This was a learning/practice piece.... There is definitely potential with this technique... my mind is whirring with ideas.

I also worked on this piece. It was supposed to be a cover for a book - but the mat board I put the plaster onto warped a bit, so not sure if it will work as a book. I am still working on the back cover, and then I will see if it will become a book. I continue to learn every day!

The cover of the book is stamped with a handcarved stamp I made a while ago- with the word 'finding' written beside her.

And here is a plaster piece in the very early stages.... I have an idea of what I want to do with this, but it will probably change along the way as I work on it.
This is the final week of my plaster course, but there is SO MUCH I haven't even tried yet!


  1. Nice work! Can't wait to see what they all 'become'. (I like how the plater looks to start with!)

  2. Love your hand carved stamp! Adding a slightly hidden word is fantastic idea. You are doing great things with your plaster work. I am waiting for my family to head home, then I will have a full week to start working on pieces...hmm after class ends. Seems topsy turvy to me. I will keep track of your blog, I know you will have amazing work to show. The best to you.

  3. Wow!! I am LOVING all your plaster pieces! I think my favorite is the one in the post below.
    I've been on vacation and now am itching to working on my plaster pieces. Thank you for inspiring me with your amazing art!!


  4. Your work has inspired me for some time now and I just want to take this moment to thank you for being just so darned fabulous! I love your vision; your take on things. You make me better at what I am trying to do. *smiles* Norma