Friday, July 15, 2011

What Happened to Those Trees?

A few posts back I showed a plaster piece I was making that had some trees on it. I struggled and struggled with this piece,
and reworked it and reworked it, and never liked it.

So in the end I painted over it all, and began again. I felt such relieve when I painted over it.

I carved into the layers a bit, stamped on it, and planned out what I wanted to do a bit more.

And this is where it ended up. I feel happy with this piece. A happiness that I never felt with the tree piece no matter what I did to it.

I really love the pieces that are on a cradle board, and need to get the dear hubby to make some more for me. He says he enjoys making them, as he feels part of my creative process.
(Lucky me!)

I really like the subtle bits of texture on this piece - but it is hard to show in a photograph.
I am so glad to be enjoying my plaster pieces once again!


  1. Kim...I LOVE your plaster pieces....I've been following along here for a bit. I look at them and I feel like I am somewhere else magical!

  2. It takes a lot of gumption to paint over something one has really worked hard on. But I agree with you, once you aren't happy with your progress, nothing 'saves the day' I applaud you. Your next layer is beautiful and I like it very much.

  3. Having the layer beneath adds to it's beauty(makes it secretive!)

  4. I do like the texture too and this piece is really something. Can you explain cradle board please? You have me wanting to delve into this plaster medium now.... if only I was better at drawing I have to add!
    Glass and collage are so much kinder to me but on occasion I have been taking baby steps into the world of lines and paint.
    Thanks so much for your comments on my blog and your posts.
    xoxo Kim

  5. Yes, Kim, I was just going to ask about a cradle board, too! Whatever it is, your guy is so sweet to make them for you.
    I'm sure it took alot of thought to paint over the trees but this piece is so very gorgeous ...
    beautiful work!

  6. wow, i love this, kim... not only is it gorgeous, it *feels* so good. very peaceful... for me it's such a relief to paint over something that i've been working and reworking without being able to get it right. it's like "whew! now that's over with!!"


  7. Auntie Kim - this is gorgeous! I love it! love the colors. Yes I want a papermaking day too...what works for you and S? We might be out next weekend for a celebration at the raven...are you working?

  8. This is so beautiful Kim. You really have a way with botanicals!!

  9. I love what you are doing. I actually think both pieces are wonderfully rich. How wonderful to paint over something and start anew.

  10. Such gorgeous work and I love the cradle board too - thanks so much for linking into artsee bloggers!