Sunday, November 20, 2011

Another Small Item

I made these little pouches

and inside them are a little booklet.

They are the other small item I made for kids to be able to afford at the craft sale in my local little town that was held a few nights ago.

The pouch is very sturdy as it has a layer of cover weight paper sewn on the inside. The piece of fabric that wraps around it is also sewn to the flap.

The kids that discovered these on my table were quite excited with their find.


  1. How cute! Kids WOULD love these! And how clever and kind of you to think of them! It was nice that you included something for the kids!

  2. Kim everything is just wonderful, the ideas you come up with are just fabulous, I would love to get inside your head for a day :o)

  3. Everything you do is so clean cut and precise...your booklets look so professional.....and I love your many color combinations. Great work. smiles: sharon