Saturday, November 26, 2011

Images on Blocks

I decided to take some of my images and add some words to them,

and then mount them to pieces of wood that I had painted black.

I used photographs that I had taken

as well as copies of my paintings.

I had printed off more images than I needed for the blocks, so finished up by making some cards with them as well.


  1. ooooh these are beautiful, I love the words added onto them, so good!!
    They are great on the blocks and the cards.
    That first one is stunning, I adore the way you did her hair and around her eyes!!

  2. Hi Kim, they all look great. I particularly like 'believe in possibilities'. How did you mount your images?
    Kyles :D

  3. Great idea for leveraging your artwork! The more ways you can present your art the better! They look wonderful!

  4. Such creative energy!!! that wonderfull.

  5. These are so beautiful Kim. I like the ones on the black wood blocks. I was wondering what type of printer you use?

  6. Hello, Kim! Not sure how I found my way here, but glad I did! Your art is hugely inspirational... and love your faces! I am a multi-media artist and jewelry maker. It's been such a pleasure to find your creative place here in blogland today. :o)