Monday, November 28, 2011

Sale Update

Yeseterday I was busy selling my creations at an art sale. It was very busy, and I was happy with how it went.

I sold out of my tea bag luminaires, and was happy when I had, as then people began to look at other things on my table.

THese cards sold very well also, and I only have a package or two left.

The earrings were also a big seller, and I have only a couple of pairs left. The most popular ones were the long thin style.

My river rock necklaces also sold well.

I sold over half or the resin filled pendants that I made. (I made a few more than are shown here, but in my busyness, I forgot to take a picture of them)

I also sold a number of different styles of handmade books

including this style of pocket book

and a few of these "messy" books.

I sold this plaster piece,

as well as this one. Lots of people commented on the plaster paintings, but they were not a big seller. But I understand why, and am not disapointed.

I had two items that sold poorly, and that was these necklaces (I didn't sell any of them)

and my wooden blocks with images and quotes. I always find it hard to know what will sell, and find different things do at different sales. I am always fine to have some things left, as I enjoy giving handmade gifts throughout the year.

Female Grosbeak

This morning, when I had many things to do, I procrastinated, and spent some time trying to take some pictures of birds. It is always so tricky, as they always seem to fly right as I am trying to get them into focus. None of the bird pictures are in great focus, but I enjoyed taking them anyway.

Male Grosbeak

And after I took some pictures I played with this one on my computer.

I do enjoy a good day of procrastination and play!


  1. Hi auntie Kim! Glad to hear the sale went well. Still surprised your images on wood don't sell better, I love them! Everything looks great, I'm sure you are glad your sales are behind you now and you can relax a bit.
    We went for a kayak and easy hike to swim in a waterfall today, lots of fun.
    Talk to you soon!

  2. Awesome show. I would have had fun shopping at your booth. I can see why you sold so much of your stuff. Your style is cohesive yet lots of choices.
    xoxo Kim

  3. Was the show local or in Whitehorse?. I meant to ask.

  4. Congratulations Kim on having a successful sale! Your work is beautiful and will loved by each one who purchased or received it as gifts. Enjoy your free time!

  5. Great to hear that the sale was a succes! Love the things you were selling there, wish I could have been there...for now, relax and celebrate your free time (What a lovely birds you have in your garden!) Greetz, nadia

  6. CONGRATULATIONS! So glad your sale went so well! It’s always heartwarming to know others appreciate your art. I knew the plaster piece with the two red flowers would sell, it was fabulous! The pictures of the birds are great too! The altered one of the male Grosbeak is brilliant! Can’t wait to see what you will make with it (because we all know you will! LOL) Great post, thanks for letting us know how the sale went.

  7. Congratulations on your sales, it looks like you had an awesome sale. I love those teabag luminaries! It is difficult to say what people will buy isn't it? I just have been through 3 fairs and only sold a small portion of my art work. My work is very modern, so not for everyone. It was fun though and that's what counts.
    Hugs and blessings to you.

  8. Hey Kim, you come up with the most creative ideas! love the wooden blocks with your images added ... that little bird photo that you played with would look awesome.
    May I inquire about the earrings above, the ones on the far right? I still covet these.
    Keep up all the great art and fun.

  9. great work ,i love the tea bag and the cards where can i buy them?

  10. Hi Kim, I am a fellow Canadian, a good friend of Jenxo's in Australia. I love your work, those tea bag illuminaries are beautiful.
    Take care and glad your art show went well.
    Lesley in Ontario.