Friday, November 18, 2011

Oh So Busy....

Yes I have been OH SO BUSY, getting ready for a couple of craft sales I do every November. The first one was held last night. I really like this sale for a number of reasons. - It is held in the little town I live in (so no driving needed). - I know just about everyone I sell things too. - It is a social event for the community, and it always seems like nearly everyone comes out to it. -It is only 2 hours long. Which means 2 very busy hours for me, but enjoyable at the same time. -And the best part of the sale this year was that my sister and my niece came and sold there creations as well.
Here you can see some of my creations laid out. Unfortunately I didn't have time to get too creative with my table set up this year. But that is okay.

Because the table price is inexpensive, (and funds raised for table sales go to support our local small library) I used 2 tables and was able to spread my creations out a bit more.

Because most of the people in town come out, there are many kids at the sale, and I try to ensure I make some inexpensive items that kids can more easily afford. This year I made a number of mini books.

Even though the population of the town I live in is small, I always seem to sell a lot of creations at this sale. This year was no exception, I sold lots, but I am also happy to say that I still have lots of items left for the next sale I am doing in a larger community. The next sale is in 9 days. Just enough time to do a few finishing bits and pieces, but I don't need to do so much that I will not enjoy it....YEAH!


  1. Congratulations Kim! Sounds like you had a very successful two hours! LOL Good luck with the next sale too. I hope you sell all your lovely creations!

  2. Yay for you! I like that you make less expensive things for the kids. Very sweet.....and good marketing!
    Best wishes for the next one.

  3. Glad things went well at the sale and good luck at the next. Always feels good when someone likes your work and pays for it!

  4. Hey Kim, sounds like a good time in your little town! I"m sure everyone was happy to have a chance to get some of the lovely creations you make. Have fun at the next one, too!

  5. Very thoughtful to prepare items for children to purchase. They probably flock to your table to see what you offer each year. Children love to be able to buy a little something. Something I really love about shows is the time to talk to youth about art. You can always tell the ones who love art and do some form....great time to encourage the younger ones.
    smiles: sharon