Thursday, November 3, 2011

More Of The Same...

The past few days have been more of the same... that is driving, hockey and making some jewellery.

I have been playing with a new process that I haven't tried before. I cut and filed pieces of brass, and then layered them with molten solder, and pressed a design into them. These are some of the pieces that I think worked out nicely. Some other ones didn't, but that was okay, as I just melted them again, and continued to experiment.

You can see how much depth the pieces have.

And here is the corner of my living room where our Balinese wood carving

models my newest necklace.

I will continue to play as much as I can today....


  1. I love your work... the necklace looks like it really belongs on that Balinese wood carving! Love the pieces you make with writing on them... very nice. Thanks for sharing with the world. :-)

  2. I love these, they have so much lovely texture!

  3. Your creations look gorgeous on your wooden fellow! Rough yet sophisticated.

  4. These look great! I love them on your little Balinese man :) see you soon hopefully!

  5. Great texture on these new ones! Lovely. And a wonderfully creative way to display them on your Balinese wood carving!

  6. oh wonderful, what a great market stall you are going to have...