Wednesday, March 14, 2012

My New Little Chair

I have a "To Create" List.... There are so many things I want to create, and I don't know if I will ever have time to get to them all... I doubt it. Creating a chair out of plaster has been on my list for a number of months now.... and I am happy to say I now have created the chair.

I started with a framework made of wire and a bit of plaster to hold it together.

I then added a layer of plaster gauze....

and some more plain plaster that once dry I sanded down.

I then painted it, added a thin layer of wax, and wove the back with some aged twine.

I then had some fun taking pictures of my new little chair (sits about 5 inches tall).

We still have so much snow.... but I wanted to see some signs of spring, so took my dried flowers and my new chair outside in the snow and the sun and had some fun taking pictures.


  1. This is a most delightful project! It looks great.

  2. Very charming. Amazing that you could work with the materials in such a small size:).

  3. Adorable! (I am a chair 'freak' according to my family! LOL) I don't know what it is about chairs....they just speak to me!

  4. oh its so cute, when are you going to build the rest of the dollshouse? ;)

  5. Now you must make some small people to go with this chair!

  6. Wow Kim that is so awesome, you seem to have a never ending supply of wonderful creations, how do you do it :)

  7. Delightful! I love your chair. And I also really like the first step of the process, the thin wire framework with a little plaster. Great work!

  8. Oh, I love this chair!
    We have had an unusually warm winter. I. Think that I shoveled once. Today is supposed to be 70 out ( not normal) . Funny though, I haven't missed the cold....

  9. I love this sweet little chair
    everything you do is lovely
    I too am a tea bag enthusiast
    amazed as well at your versatility...

    xox - eb.

  10. Your chair is lovely. I love small things. I have started to dry tea bags, small ones but I might stitch them together . Gosh how much tea do we drink, there is such a pile of them drying. Your art work is so nice, the tiny book is gorgeous.