Saturday, March 10, 2012

Working Teeny Tiny

Something about working teeny tiny has been very appealling to me lately.

And so I created this teeny tiny accordian book....

It is small when it is closed.....

and not much bigger when it is opened.

Here is the front, tied up and waiting to be explored.

and here it is when opened. It says 'place to grow'.

Here is the backside when it is opened. A fun adventure in the world of teeny tiny.


  1. This is wonderful! Will you be making more for your shoppe?

  2. Your teeny tiny book is adorable. I don't think I'd have the patience to work that small.

  3. How wonderful and yes it is tiny. I have been enjoying small lately, but have not taken to tiny yet.

  4. Just beautiful work Kim. Your creative output is truly inspirational to me. Bless you for that. How's that pesky dizziness from the concussion behaving? I hope it is out the door and for good...or at least on it's way out the door. I think of you, best from Norma

  5. Your teeny tiny book is a place to grow wonderful ideas! I also hope your concussion is behaving itself :)

  6. That is an adorable little book - so cute! (Thank you so much for visiting my blog. ;) )

  7. its just beautiful....hope you are feeliing better too...

  8. I love small intricate work, this is beautiful.
    Hope you feel better soon. Take care of #1.

  9. I love teeny tiny too! So beautiful!