Thursday, March 29, 2012

Continue On

I continue on - healing from a concussion. The only creative thing I am doing lately is working on journal pages as I also continue to take a course from the amazing Judy Wise.
Here are some pages that I painted and decorated, and are waiting for me to write on them.

On the bottom of this page I stuck part of a tag that was on my new jeans. It says "this product is made from the finest materials and designed to move naturally with your body." I thought those words worked so well for my new journal.

Judy talks about the importance of including your own work on journal pages, so I included a copy of a painted face that I tore and added some paint and scribbles too.

This page went in an entirely different direction, but I loved doing it. I am excited to add my thoughts by writing (hopefully daily) on each of these pages.

One of the things Judy showed us how to do was to make a stencil of ourselves, so that is me smiling away on the corner of that page.

I found this artwork in the newspaper with an article about a women who fell when skating and is struggling to heal from a concussion. I knew it had to be included in my journal.


  1. Kim that 'find' in the newspaper is astonishing! Just amazing! Hugs to you art friend. I love how the bowl is catching the drops. I am nearing completion of the little tea bag paper book I am making for you. I've been just having a ball with it!! *smiles* Norma

  2. gosh this concussion is a long process, i hope you yuo get better soon. i th mean time i am loving your art journal, that stencil is wonderful...

  3. Love your stencil! The whole page is great

  4. I love the stencil, and the whole journal. It's gorgeous. Keep on healing. Hopefully see you for a visit when I'm back.
    Love lots!!!

  5. Lovely journal pages! Sending healing vibes to help you on your recovery :)

  6. Your journal pages look great. My favourite is the one with the stencil on, how effective it looks.I hope you are feeling better soon.

  7. The stencil is a cool idea. Love your pages. Take care Kim.