Saturday, April 13, 2013

Filled with Beauty

This weeks challenge theme is 'BEAUTY'. 
And I have chosen this spot to tell its tale of beauty.  It is a place we go to often, not far from where we live. 
We have a small rustic cabin here, and we always enjoy the beauty of family fun.
I find different beauty each time I go.
I went there a few days ago, to do some work with my husband. 
It was an extremely windy day as you can see by the bending  spruce trees.
I took a break from working and lay down on the beach to take these pictures
And after our day of work, I came home and played with them on the computer.
A place
that for me
is always filled with beauty.
To see more interpretation of beauty please visit Nadine! 


  1. Stunning photographs and what a truly beautiful place! And so much snow still..... you must be longing for Spring...

  2. Beautiful indeed. We'll be up yonder in just a few weeks. A late spring for sure. Thanks for readjusting my perspective. I tend to forget about the beauty and only remember the chill from my new vantage point. Such a special place!

  3. Your part of the world is intensely beautiful, Kim.
    Love the photo of you resting on the beach!
    xo Carole

  4. Beautiful photographs, Cold, but the light looks so pure and the air so fresh.

  5. Oh so many years ago I lived for a short time in the Yukon. Thank you for reminding me of it's breathtaking beauty.

  6. Wow, how wonderful to be surrounded by such picturesque scenery......

    Claire :}

  7. somehow i would never picture a beach as frozen over as it is in your winter images here... stunning! and it's a lovely stroll indeed, alongside your daily life, to see where your art originates from, or gets its inspiration from ...
    such a treat!
    thxs for playing, kim!

  8. wauw....
    what a magical place

    Patrice A.

  9. Stunning photographs is an understatement! (I always find the beach in winter to be much more beautiful too!)

  10. The frozen bubbles are especially wonderful--beautiful and playful. And there is a kind of beauty in just being in the moment, isn't there? Cindi

  11. Oh wow, beautiful landscape!! I totally feel the immense beauty although I prefer spring temepratures right now (I have a bad cold at the moment, you know?). Those frozen bubble towers are fascinating, I've never seen something like that before!
    I'd love to visit that place during summer!

  12. Hi, Kim. I love your manipulations of these beautiful images after the fact. Have a beauty of a week! -sus

  13. so beautiful! I think such places are important for us, the power and beauty of nature... nothing more to say
    x Stefanie

  14. the beauty, wideness, spruce trees and others, the colors, dark against light, i see them turning up in your work often, beauty turned into other beauties, so wonderful Kim,
    it must feel great out there living with the power and beauty of nature, impressing, xx

  15. kim,
    i love this post and what a perfect spot to write about and photograph. It feels nice to know what spot you are talking about. Isn't editing a neat creative outlet also? I find there are many different kinds of mood and stories you can create with just one photo when you post process. I especially love the photo with your boots. There is something powerful when photos are taken and the eye behind the camera peeks in the frame. Thanks for sharing the beauty in your life.

  16. Holy cow you captured the cold. I need to go put on a sweater now! I hear wolves calling, and seagulls too, when I view these. I can hear the wind playing through the trees, and the ice cracking. I can hear the scrunch of your boots on the crusted snow. And hammers hammering. Did you do hammering at the cabin? Perhaps I am having an out of body experience. Your photography did it to me, art friend. N, xo

  17. This post is so beautiful and it is clearly a place that inspires your amazing artwork Kim. Beautiful!