Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Be Gentle With Self

I am taking a wonderful on line course of working with plaster from Stephanie Lee and Judy Wise. Unfortunately I have had very little time to work with the medium. I have been working on one piece, and after some deliberation with myself, I have decided to show it here. I am not happy with how it is turning out, but hey... it is my first attempt, and so I reminded myself of one of my important "rules" that I try to follow on this creative journey (and in life in general) and that is to be gentle with self....

and with that in mind, and it written on her face here is my first attempt of painting on plaster.

It is a wonderful medium that I am sure I will love when I have used it a bit more, and get more comfortable with how it works.

Here is a close up that you can begin to see the depth of the medium.

And here you can see the whole piece with the unpainted edges. I should have painted the edges as I went along, but I didn't and rather than spend the time now, I have decided to move on and continue to practice and learn in this medium..... of course being gentle with myself along the way.


  1. Very beautiful, i almost was going to sign up for the on line course, but felt I was consumed by too many other things at the moment. It looks very interesting. I'll look into it another time.
    I love all your art. :)

  2. Beautiful! I met Judy Wise recently at an encaustics conference. Love her work. I will take a look at her book. THanks for posting. Plus, love the tea bag paintings. Can you explain how you paint in a tea bag? Where is the tea?

  3. Keep going! I know it's tough when you don't have enough time to really practice, but work when you can and you're right - Be Gentle with Yourself! I think she turned out quite nicely, but I'm sure you see things you'd like to change :)
    Have fun with the new technique!

  4. I think she is looking fabulous. Very intense eyes which portray a lot of emotion and depth. I have never painted on plaster before. Keep up the good work as I am certain it will all come together.
    Big hugs and many blessings

  5. Isn’t it human nature to dislike the piece we are working on at the moment? LOL Also, if it’s not a medium you are familiar or comfortable with it seems even more so. Keep going! She is lovely!

  6. Wow, It looks superb to me! Sounds like a great class!
    Happy Solstice. xoxo Kim

  7. More fantastic stuff from you! Love seeing your work.