Saturday, June 18, 2011

Do Art Daily

A few years ago, I made a promise to myself that I would try to spend a bit of time (almost) every day doing something creative. I put the 'almost' in there so I wouldn't be hard on myself on the days it didn't happen. In the past few days I have had very little time to create, and so I told myself to pick something small that I could do a bit on each day. And so I decided to make some more tea bag and plant cards.

I made some of these not too long ago, posted them here, and asked for advice on what people liked. I was happy to see a variety of answers, so will make a variety of styles. But, the most common response was that people liked the scribble look with words on them - so that is what I decided to do with my small bits of creative time these past few days.
This one says ' dream daily '

This is one of my bleached leaves (see here for details) and has the words 'time' and 'explore' written around it.

This pressed petal looked like a bit like a heart.... so I scribbled a heart and added the words 'love always'

'my day'

When these are standing with not to much direct light they look like the above pictures.

Standing on my windowsill turned a little they let the light shine right through the tea bag and plants.

A little creative time each day keeps me happy.


  1. They are BEAUTIFUL! I especially like the 'heart' one. You have such a lovely style!

  2. Wow Kim! They look amazing, so gorgeous. They certainly made me smile when I saw them. Love the "dream daily" one.

  3. and your art makes me very happy! each one is just lovely.

  4. I think that the reason so many of us like the "scribbles look" is because it has your hand in it. It reflects you.
    As an artist, whatever you touch in a creative way will show this part of yourself. Don't worry about the days when you don't feel you're creating, chances are you are doing it even then.
    Your artwork is remarkable in every way:)))