Friday, June 24, 2011

It Made Me Smile!

I made it hoping to submit it to a local art show (called Got Your Number) in a small gallery. But I couldn't really afford to get it framed properly. I still wanted to submit something, so I changed it into a book, and submitted that.

I was thrilled this past week to walk into the gallery and see my book amongst other peoples pieces.

It made me smile... and I remembered to keep on being brave and believing!


  1. It has made me smile too! It looks so beautiful.

  2. You are such an inspiration to me Kim.
    If you get time could you listen to the frist song on this blogspot?



  3. Great idea! I also cringe at the thought/expense of framing, and there are so many other possibilities for displaying work. Congratulations!

  4. Good for you, girl! Your piece looks beautiful & perfect there. You are such an awesome artist.

  5. might help if I attach the blogspot address for you mate...

    thinking crystal balls....