Sunday, October 23, 2011

Catching Up

A few days ago I put up a table and started to put out all of the bits and pieces of projects I have begun but have not finished. I have a lot of them!

On the table was some luminaries in the beginning stages that needed finishing. So I finished them.....

and as you can see there is a big

stack of them.

I even managed to start getting them packaged and ready for the 2 sales I will be at in November.

The packages have the tea bag luminary in

as well as a small battery operated tea light. The luminaries are packaged flat, and when ready to use are shaped into a square, and the light is put inside.

I haven't finished packaging them yet as I ran out of bags (and with the nearest store 100 miles away I will have to wait to get some more). But I am happy to have tackled something on the table. The next thing I am going to work on is jewellery making (or so I think at the moment!)


  1. these are so lovely have been busy .....x

  2. these are fantastic! So pretty..I have been thinking of making Rice paper ones.

  3. They look awesome Kim. How did you make them? You certainly are very multi talented.. Is there anything you can not make lol?
    Kyles :D

  4. Lovely! Good luck with the sales! I'm sure they'll sell like 'hotcakes'!

  5. Those luminaries are so lovely all packaged up - bet you'll sell lots!

  6. Your packaging is so wonderful. Just exciting. I know people will grab your lucious art and you'll be sold out in the a wink. Okay so having the store 100 miles away is something I have never ever experienced. It just is amazing to me. If I can't find something in my messy space I just go out and buy a duplicate which is only minutes away. Some sources are open 24/7! What a world is ours! LOVE your art Kim! *smiles* Norma

  7. Hey Kim, those do look so pretty all stacked up, we are so enjoying ours!
    Good for you on getting some projects finished ...
    hope you have a beautiful week.

  8. Great photos showing your most unique art work...I was actually inspired to "stew" about 50 bags of tea, dump water, open, spread out and dry...They are now neatly now what?????? Haven't a clue but looking at your work is very have done an excellent job of must be very very pleased with your efforts. THey will sell quickly...packaging helps but the product is unusual and so fun...the best to you. sharon

  9. Hi Kim, I found you through the Numinosity blog -I met Kim at the Squam Art Workshop last month. These luminaries are beautiful! I've been using tea bags and coffee filters in a series of collages I started in January - I find it so satisfying to give these beautiful papers a second life. I love your work and look forward to following your blog.