Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Not What I Expected

It is Wednesday night in my part of the world. I had big plans for this week, and so far they haven't worked out. Since I have taken the week off of my day job, I planned to settle into making jewellery, - cutting metal and soldering. I like to have big time slots for these projects. And although I have had the time, I have felt under the weather the past two days, and have only done little bits of the jewellery work.

So this afternoon, I decided to work on an unfinished project that was sitting on the table, that didn't need too much energy of any type.

As I have mentioned before I live 100 miles from any stores (right now we don't even have a small grocery store, as it has closed down), and I live even further from an arts supply store (many hundreds of miles). So I buy a lot of my supplies on line. This box of art supplies arrived a while ago... and although the box was not in good shape

All 4 corners were split open. The contents were fine. I was excited to use what was inside, but the funny part was that the first thing I used was the brown packing paper that was all crinkled up inside the box.

I stamped and coloured onto the lovely heavy brown packing paper and today, spent some time glueing to make these cards.

Simple but fun.

And because it looked liked the birds were having a party, I stamped the word celebrate onto the cards.


  1. Sometimes n easy to complete project is just what is needed....I felt like that this week, too...
    I wonder what is in the air?

  2. I can relate to the remoteness of where you live although we do have a grocery store and an office supply store most of my shopping is 100 miles away too.... just discovered I bought the wrong ink for my printer and am SOL until next trip which happens to be when we head south next year. My husband will be passing through your area but I'm flying so I can't stop in and say hi. Maybe some day.
    i hope you're feeling better soon and you've made some lovely cards here.
    Do stop by for my giveaway. I think the clips will go well with your journals.
    xoxo Kim

  3. Lovely cards! Hope you're feeling better soon!

  4. I love that you used the brown wrap in such a fabulous way, the cards look great!!
    I too have felt rubbish this week and today is my first day of actually painting something, I hope you are feeling better soon x

  5. I really chuckled at the previous posts....ahhh, i got a flu shot and now feel like I have the flu!!!! go figure! Your cards are it when we can if we had something worthwhile for non recyclable popcorn filler. I had no idea you lived so far from shopping...can't imagine how gorgeous it must be...but also difficult when you need things. You must be highly organized!! No wonder your box was so travelled a gazillion miles to reach you. Great insight into your life. smiles: sharon

  6. Hope you are feeling better! I got the flu while I was in California, but it hasnt been too bad so far.
    Glad your supplies were safe inside the box!
    Beautiful cards, as always! ttfn. XO

  7. Hey Kim, you clever girl! those cards are beautiful ~ hope you're feeling better.