Monday, October 3, 2011

Messy Pocket Books

I made a couple more messy pocket books...

and these ones have even more pages than the last one I made

I can't show you them all.....

but here are a few.

Some of the pages have things clipped or pinned to them.

and the pockets at both the front and the end of the book. . . .

are full of extra bits and pieces of paper... some blank some not - that can be added to the book.

If it wasn't for the piece of fabric I tied around this book it wouldn't be able to stay shut!


  1. good, I really truly love these stunning works of art!!

  2. Wonderful! I want to page through them and touch them! LOL

  3. I'm sure your books feel so good to pick up and hold and to enjoy ~ so special, Kim!

  4. These are brilliant. Awesome work Kim.
    Kyles =D

  5. I absolutely love all of your recent creations. Congratulations on Somerset!