Monday, October 10, 2011

Soft Covered Books

My creative time has been spent making a couple of new soft covered books.

The cover is made from layers of fabric, paper and glue that is then sewn onto. The final layer is wax. I love the feel of these covers. They are almost leather like. The fabric layers keep the cover flexible, while the paper layer gives it strength and stability.

Inside the book I added a decorated first narrow page, that was made with tea bags and a decorative piece of fabric.

I also sewed on the back cover...

and the decorative narrow page wraps around all three signatures. This book has about 60 pages (or 120 if you count both sides) of 60 lb. paper.

This book is a little smaller in size, but was made the same way

except I decorated it with white paint stampings.

It too has a decorated page the wraps around the 3 signatures.

I do hope to be able to make a few more of these books this week.


  1. these are beautifully wonderful!

  2. Hey Kim, I love that red/pink color of the first! I'm usually more attracted to the earth tones. These are more beautiful works of art from you!

  3. Hi Kim, they are beautiful. Where do you sell your creation?
    Kyles :D