Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Photos and Words

I love taking photos, and I love words, and I decided to play with both of these things for a while.

I took a few of my favourite quotes, and added them to some photos I took.

I live beside some large and very beautiful mountains, and yet seem to always take pictures of close up colours and patterns

and things that are no longer living...

winter grass holds some of my favourite colours

and I love when things go to seed...

and also when they are in full bloom.

After playing with the photos and words...

I made some cards.


  1. Lovely! Some of your favorite quotes are mine, too :)

  2. Beautiful cards with perfect quotes!

  3. Hey Kim, these are beautiful! I especially love the mountain and sky one. Be careful, this is very addictive!

  4. Hi Kim, these are lovely. I too have been working with quotes and nature which I put together in a book done by Staples and uploaded to my Red Bubble site. Great fun isn't it! Sandra

  5. You are so gifted...and where you live must be inspiring, to say the least. Your photos are exquisite and the words fit so well...Did you print directly onto cards? Or cut out glossy photos and attach...These took a lot of time to create flawlessly...no one will appreciate the time you spent designing and making it all come together. It must be difficult to sell these....such exquisite gifts for your most beloved friends. sharon