Friday, July 30, 2010


I have a tendency to procrastinate ...... tonight I was supposed to be cleaning up my art desk, and seeing what supplies I need for the upcoming art course I am taking. BUT.... I had an idea in my head that wouldn't leave, and I had to try it. The above card is what became of my idea. The idea was to use tea bags and dried flowers together. I like how it turned out, but the idea is still growing.... I have more to explore with this, but not tonight.

I also had some books lined up, and the sun hit them so beautifully I HAD to take some pictures.... I will share some more pictures of these in a day or two. For now my desk and supplies need some attention - but maybe not tonight, I think I need to go for a short run first.

P.S. - Keep saving those tea bags for me Judy!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Art Sale

I am applying to sell my creations at a juried art sale. I have sold my work at this sale for the past two years, but every year I have to apply. Here are the items that I am sending in with my application, as examples of my work. It is hard to choose what to send, as I was looking for a representation of the different works I do.

So, I chose 3 cards......

3 books ......

and 2 necklaces.

Both with copper etchings I made as the focal point.

Now I will wait to see if I get accepted.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Postcard to New Zealand

I sent this postcard off to New Zealand a while ago. It was part of a postcard exchange arranged through Beth who lives in the U.K. I am glad to say it arrived safely at Gabrielle's house in New Zealand. I actually was too late to receive a postcard, but just in time to send one off. I enjoyed making it. The rules were pretty easy - The theme was Time, and it was supposed to have some stitching on. I believe Beth is going to host another exchange like this in the near future. I hope to participate, but my time is getting tighter with so many things I have committed myself to lately. I am trying to wrap up some book making I still have on the go, as I have to get into jewellery making mode soon. I haven't made jewellery for quite some time, but have signed up for an online course with Stephanie Lee that starts August 9. I am excited about it, but need to ensure I have the supplies, and get my brain and hands ready for jewellery making. It is presently swirling with book ideas.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Books in a Bowl

This picture was supposed to be the LAST one on this post - but it wasn't being obedient like the others, and wanted to go first. I have no energy to argue tonight, so first it is.

It shows what the books look like when you open them.

Here are the 8 new books I made over the weekend. They are not very big, and fit very nicely into my treasure bowl.

Here are four of them lined up for a better view. I am not a girl that carries around a big purse, these books are just the right size to fit into my camera case, or the small pack or bag that I may carry around.
They close by inserting the small flap under the button that is sewn onto the front.

Here they are neatly lined up to have there picture taken - such obedient books!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Booklet and a Hike

Here is the newest little booklet I have made - sitting in my bowl of treasures I have picked up from various travels - some close to home, some not.

The booklet is quite small with only one signature. The cover wraps around the front, and closes by tucking under the button.

Yesterday, I went hiking for the day. Although it was cloudy, it was the perfect day for hiking - not too hot, not too many bugs, and it didn't rain.

I love the colours in the rocks on the mountains.

There were numerous flowers in bloom - many larger, and more showy than this one, but I thought this one so pretty against the weathered log.


Last of all I want to thank all of you that left a comment on my last post. It was very helpful. I think I should do as suggested - that is with 6 books do a variety of closures/wraps around the journals. If people prefer it with no closure or wrap, they can just take them off. It makes me smile to see different ideas and ways that people like things, - just a reminder that we are all so different - YEAH!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Treasure Books and a Question

Well I have managed to finish 4 of the 6 treasure booklets. These little items although have been a lot of fun to make, have gobbled up many hours of my time. 2 more to go. Today, I tried various ways to put them together, and decided I like this way the best after all.

Although I haven't counted there are about 45 - 50 hand decorated pieces of paper in each book. Most of them can be written/drawn/painted/collaged on, but a few are just decorative.

My initial idea was to wrap them up with a tea dyed strip of fabric. I don't want them tied in a bow though, as this looks to "pretty" compared to the rough and aged treasure look I wanted. SO I am not too sure about the fabric strips.

My question is - should I just wrap the fabric around the book and secure it with a clip or pin? Should I tie a piece of twine around it loosely, so it can be easily slipped on and off? Or is my original idea of a piece of fabric loosely tied around the booklet the way to go? Your thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Not Like I Envisioned - But Okay For Now

I continue to work on the 6 Treasure Booklets that I decided to make a while back. The first wintery looking one was put together tonight. I am not completely happy with how it went together... but I will sit with it this way for a while, and see what comes. It was supposed to be put together with metal rings at the top, but they made the book to tight to open.

Here is a few of the open book .... with many pages ready for filling with writing, drawings , pasting or whatever one would wish.

My idea for the booklet was for many differently decorated pages stacked unevenly on top of each other. A treasure chest of pages just waiting to be discovered, and inviting creativity.

And this I think has worked. Many layers of roughly decorated pages.....

This is the cover for Treasure Booklet #2...... and yes I have 6 of these to make.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Work in Progress

WOW a whole week has gone by - and I have little to show for it. It has been a busy week - but not busy with art making. Below is the pages I decorated to cover the front and back cover of one of the six booklets I am making. I am hoping to get them finished soon. I have 2 other projects that I am feeling the urge to move on to.

They are made with layers of paper out of a book, gesso, stencilled pan pastels, transfered images, teabags, ink, drawing/writing with pen, paint and then a final layer of wax to seal it, and make it waterproof.