Thursday, October 10, 2019

Many Botanical Bits

Yes I did complete my 100 day project
(which was to create botanical bits for 100 days), 
but life got so busy that I didn't get to post them.  

So here are some of them.... 

I began with some watercolour bits,

Which I then added scribbled pen marks too. 

and then a tiny bit of collage was added 
to the paint and scribbles

Over time the amount of collage increased and increased,

to a point where you could barely see the painting...
but it was still there. 

In the end I decided I had enough of watercolour and collage
and finished the 100 days of botanical bits 
with some ink drawings.  

I enjoyed the 100 day project, but it definitely 
added another thing to my already bursting 'To Do' list. 

Will I do it again?  
Hmmm.... I won't make any commitments just yet!

Monday, April 15, 2019

100 Days of Botanical Bits

Yup - I did it!  
Not sure if it is the smartest thing I have ever done, but I'm in.   
I signed up for The 100 Day Project, 
and I am committed to creating botanical bits for 100 days 
 I am trying for 100 days in a row, but we will see.  

Today is day 14, and I thought I would share my botanical bits to date (in no particular order) 

Most of them I have created with watercolors and ink pen - but this one has some collage added to the bottom.

None of these creations are big - but on a day of very limited time,
I created this tiny one.

To change things up a bit I created with graphite and ink.

Eventually I hope to make a few more of them into cards.

I will post some more of these here sometime.... but I have committed to posting more often on Instagram -  if you want you can find me there as KimHenkelCreations. 

Sunday, March 31, 2019

Focus on Gratitude

It has been a challenging few weeks in my neck of the woods 
and I have had difficulty sleeping. 
Productivity has been down, and worry has sky rocketed. 

Fortunately for me, 
I have a loving, caring, supportive family to lean on. 

During these challenging weeks, my dad 
(who is turning 86 years young tomorrow!)
continues to remind me to be grateful for all the good things I do have. 
He has a small journal style book that he uses to record the things he is grateful for. 
My dad is not a writer -for him to sit down and write is difficult
 but he does it to remind himself of his daily gratitudes

- from the blue sky and fresh air that he walks in
- to his good health
- and to having more food than he needs
- he is always thankful. 

Recently he offered me his gratitude journal to take and write in, 
as he felt it would help me focus on the many good things I do have.  
Instead of taking his book, I made this book into my gratitude journal 
and have been trying to write a sentence or two in it daily.   

Although the challenges I have right now are still here 
I try to remember all the good things I do have 
 and with that I know many wonderful things will continue to come my way.  

Monday, January 14, 2019

Daily Creative Sessions - Take Ten

Recently, I set myself a goal  -  daily 10 minute creative sessions. 

and this is what my 10 minutes turned into the other day.

Okay - this took me way more than 10 minutes to create, 
but that is how it started.  

The pages in this little book are pockets....
and inside the pockets are mini blank books.

At the moment only the pockets are decorated
..... eventually the mini books in the pockets will have something on them as well.  

During my next 10 minute creative session I thought 
I should make these at the visual journaling group I host on Tuesday nights.
So I created a less time consuming version to share if they are interested.  

If you haven't anything to do on Tuesday night 
and are in my neighbourhood  
- feel free to join us in the art room of the local school.... :-)