Friday, January 10, 2020

Creative Habit

Over the Christmas season I happily spend my time with family and friends, 
and I get out of the habit of creating daily.   

Once the season is over it always takes me time to get back into my creative habit.  

This year's project that I am hoping gets me moving creatively once again 
is embroidering on felted stones.  

Embroidery is not something I have done a lot of, but it is something I seem drawn to lately, and I like the flower I created yesterday. 

So I felted a pile of stones today - and hope to find some time to do some stitching soon! 

Thursday, January 2, 2020

What Have I Been Up To???

Time seemed to slip away and before you knew it, months slipped by without me showing up here.  

Well - it's a new year now and I will try to do better!   
         (no promises though)

In the past couple of months I created a number of things using the floral drawings I made at the end of my 100 days of botanical bits project.  

I made some teeny tiny collages with the drawings on my handmade paper..... 

I used 9 of the teeny tiny collages to create this piece. 

And then it became bowl making time. 
I made numerous bowls using paper pulp, tea bags, paint etc. 
decorated them with my floral drawings and finished them with a layer or wax. 

Bowls changed to bottles or jars and the decorating continued. 

Side Note: 
For those of you that have asked about an 
online course making paper pulp bowls and bottles
I am starting it next week! 

I also used the floral drawings in my collage creations. 

To which I added some paint

And some stitching. 

Then it was jewelry making time. 
I always love making earrings out of strapping metal. 
I love when the metal has some wear and tear on it!

I found a bag of leather scraps in the studio that someone had gifted me many many moons ago, and I wanted to make something with the bits - and so the scraps of leather earrings and necklaces were created.  

And then it was time to get ready for Christmas
- gifts were made
- goodies were made
- decorations were hung
- presents were wrapped
- and family time was had

It was lovely

The only creating I managed to do over the holiday season was a few journal pages. 

This 2020 page needs some writing on yet 
but that will come!

Although I hope to post here more often, as I do love my little blog - if you are looking for more updates on what I am creating, 
you can follow me on instagram  @kimhenkelcreations  


Thursday, October 10, 2019

Many Botanical Bits

Yes I did complete my 100 day project
(which was to create botanical bits for 100 days), 
but life got so busy that I didn't get to post them.  

So here are some of them.... 

I began with some watercolour bits,

Which I then added scribbled pen marks too. 

and then a tiny bit of collage was added 
to the paint and scribbles

Over time the amount of collage increased and increased,

to a point where you could barely see the painting...
but it was still there. 

In the end I decided I had enough of watercolour and collage
and finished the 100 days of botanical bits 
with some ink drawings.  

I enjoyed the 100 day project, but it definitely 
added another thing to my already bursting 'To Do' list. 

Will I do it again?  
Hmmm.... I won't make any commitments just yet!

Monday, April 15, 2019

100 Days of Botanical Bits

Yup - I did it!  
Not sure if it is the smartest thing I have ever done, but I'm in.   
I signed up for The 100 Day Project, 
and I am committed to creating botanical bits for 100 days 
 I am trying for 100 days in a row, but we will see.  

Today is day 14, and I thought I would share my botanical bits to date (in no particular order) 

Most of them I have created with watercolors and ink pen - but this one has some collage added to the bottom.

None of these creations are big - but on a day of very limited time,
I created this tiny one.

To change things up a bit I created with graphite and ink.

Eventually I hope to make a few more of them into cards.

I will post some more of these here sometime.... but I have committed to posting more often on Instagram -  if you want you can find me there as KimHenkelCreations.