Friday, February 28, 2014

Random Bits

Life has been very busy lately, and I have had little time to create.
But I so needed to make something.

So I swiped some ink and paint on some pages, 
and made some book covers.

My friend bought me this delicious white pen, 
and so I doodled

and made this little book

with many fold out pages

that I will continue to doodle on 
and write random bits.


I thought I was finished this booklet, but I didn't like the covers
- They didn't go with the things I drew inside
So I added new covers,
and now it feels much better.

I continue to add some more random bits of thoughts.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Winged Surprises

Books bring me such a delight when they open to reveal the unexpected.


This little book 

 is wrapped with a sheer piece of fabric as if it is a gift waiting to be discovered. 

And when opened has a little surprise on each page.

While this book

adorned with birds on front and back

is full of pockets 

which are also full of winged surprises.

Friday, February 14, 2014


My drawings of bird, 
together with a collection of bits of fabric, tea bags, ink and paste wax 
all came together to create this accordion book.  

It is part of my 'Winged Tales' exhibition.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Art Exhibition

Our art show - Winged Tales -  has opened and will be up for the next 3 weeks.
How wonderful to have a curator take care of the advertising, setting up and many other details. 

Along with my work, my friend had her beautiful linocuts on the wall.  
I have some photos of her work, but have not asked her permission to show them,
 and therefore will just show you images of my creations. 
Together the whole room looked beautiful, 
my pictures do not show it well

We had put out gloves beside the books, 
and all evening I joyfully watched  people slip the gloves on 
and gently look through the books.  

I received so many kind words about my creations. 

And here are the details of one more of the books

This book only had a few pages,  

But I love the way it sits open 

to show itself off.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Winged Tales

Tomorrow is the opening of the exhibition 'Winged Tales'
My friend created linocut prints, and I drew birds, and put them into books. 

One of the books I created is called 
'An Illustrated Bevy of Birds'

It has a different bird that I drew on a tea bag on each page. 

It has been really busy getting everything ready for this show.  
I will try to take some pictures when everything is installed,
 and of course share more images of other books I made.


Saturday, February 1, 2014

A Wee Bit of Joy

I am finishing up a number of creations for my upcoming exhibition 
but this little item is not one of them.

This tiny wee little book was a small by-product of the bigger creations.
It brought me joy to create.

How I love making wee things!