Friday, February 28, 2014

Random Bits

Life has been very busy lately, and I have had little time to create.
But I so needed to make something.

So I swiped some ink and paint on some pages, 
and made some book covers.

My friend bought me this delicious white pen, 
and so I doodled

and made this little book

with many fold out pages

that I will continue to doodle on 
and write random bits.


I thought I was finished this booklet, but I didn't like the covers
- They didn't go with the things I drew inside
So I added new covers,
and now it feels much better.

I continue to add some more random bits of thoughts.


  1. What luscious colours - and I love the contrast with those wonderful, firm white pen marks. Beautiful!

  2. Your pages are beautiful. I love the combination of colours. I think your white pen is the same as the one I have, if so it is a very useful white pen to have.

  3. Love the blues, with white dancing across the pages. Almost like snow blowing and swirling.

  4. wow! beautiful! I love the white doodles!

  5. You make things look so simple....but simple is exquisite and I am sure it takes more time than we can understand. Very lovely always. I imagine you are still knee deep in snow. smiles: sharon

  6. Aren't white pens just lovely? And so is your book!

  7. just amazingly gorgeous! love the colours!

  8. They are all beautiful. I too like white pens, your have made yours dance upon the blue.

  9. Very very nice, I like it in the first place but now its truly a little treasure of art with beautiful colors and the white doodling is a perfect contrast!
    Would have been suitable for the drawing challenge also!
    barbara bee

  10. Random bits of beauty right there! Your work is exquisite, as always!