Saturday, March 30, 2013

Having Vision

I love it when something turns out close to the way I had envisioned it. 
At the same time I love it when things don't turn out the way I envisioned, as this is when the learning and  'what ifs'  and  'aha moments'  happen. 
A while ago when what I had envisioned wasn't appearing, I discovered that I loved the look of white acrylic paint mixed with pan pastels and tea bag, and I have been playing with it since. 
 And this is the look I have been trying to achieve
It is done on a small block of wood, and it has two different creations underneath this one that helped me get to what I had envisioned.
 It has some texture to it (which I love) but is difficult to see in the pictures. 
It also has a final coat of cold wax that gives it a nice feeling and a very slight sheen.

As you can see it is not very big, but the perfect size to experiment on. 
(the colours in this image is too green, the other images are more true to the real piece)

And now to be brave enough to try a bigger piece. . . my goodness this art making takes a lot of courage!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

No Framing Required

I have been wanting to create some pieces that don't need framing, so I took a wooden cradle board (shallow wooden box) that my husband made for me and used tea bags, paint, pastels, ink, charcoal and cold wax to create this piece.  

I like how it looks hanging straight on a wall - no glass - no mat - no frame.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

What Fun I Had


I drew this bubble tree some time ago, but decided to use it to make some cards.... what fun I had!




Then I decided to take these small drawings, and try using them to make cards.


... and even more fun happened!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Finding Orange


In my search for orange this month I looked back through many creations and images of nature.  I found many oranges from the pinkish orange to the yellow orange and then to a rusty orange. 
My favourite creation with orange is found at the very bottom of the post.

A distressed style painting.

a collage/photo transfer

a collage
close up of tiger lily petals  

in my hand stitched tea bag luminary
a butterfly showing me it's beautiful bits of orange 

a painting on a block of wood
  a collage made with pressed tiger lily petals

orange seaweed
fall leaves amongst the snow

 accordian book with an orange poppy highlight
collage and drawings on tags

 a journal page
and my beautiful orange haired daughter !

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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Wide Open Book

A while ago I posted an image that I had created of a flower.  I made a copy of the image, added some paint, some stitching, some fabric and tea bags and it became the cover of a book. 


Saturday, March 16, 2013


The drawing challenge theme this week is WILLOW
 I knew I had to join in as one of my favourite Springtime things are pussywillows. 
  Unfortunately neither Spring nor pussywillows have arrived in my part of the world. 
To celebrate willow, I decided to carve a stamp of pussywillows.
My first attempt (stamp on the right) didn't look anything like what I was thinking, so I tried again.
I was carving my stamps on rubber erasers, and decided I needed two erasers to make up the stamp.

And when I stamp it, I just overlap the two stems and it looks like one stamp.
I made a card with a decorated envelope


 as well as some little tags.
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