Saturday, March 30, 2013

Having Vision

I love it when something turns out close to the way I had envisioned it. 
At the same time I love it when things don't turn out the way I envisioned, as this is when the learning and  'what ifs'  and  'aha moments'  happen. 
A while ago when what I had envisioned wasn't appearing, I discovered that I loved the look of white acrylic paint mixed with pan pastels and tea bag, and I have been playing with it since. 
 And this is the look I have been trying to achieve
It is done on a small block of wood, and it has two different creations underneath this one that helped me get to what I had envisioned.
 It has some texture to it (which I love) but is difficult to see in the pictures. 
It also has a final coat of cold wax that gives it a nice feeling and a very slight sheen.

As you can see it is not very big, but the perfect size to experiment on. 
(the colours in this image is too green, the other images are more true to the real piece)

And now to be brave enough to try a bigger piece. . . my goodness this art making takes a lot of courage!


  1. I really like the idea of using a wax coating over a finished piece as I love the effect you achieve. I must be brave and try it :) You have inspired me.

  2. It looks fantastuc KIM!

    happy easter!

    such great art with teabags..white paint and pPan Pastells...
    I would not believe that if I didn´t had tried out some little experiment swith teabags..

    have to tra with my hard pastel crayons..

    I only have to colors of Pan Pastell... yet.

    The cold way made it really AWESOME..
    wish I could see and feel it in nature!

    we have so much snow her in lower AUstria... I think we can feel
    canadian this year ... lol!

  3. Another stunning creation, I absolutely LOVE the effects you achieve with the tea bags and the the cold wax!! Stunning, the colours are so subtle and the contrast with the branch like bits is just amazing!! I would love to know more detail of how you use the tea bags (well and the cold wax for that matter). I have used melted beeswax before but never "cold wax". And as far as the teabags are concerned, do you just tear them open???

    Happy Easter!!

  4. this piece is wonderful
    zen like
    and a joy to see
    i can see why you are happy with it

  5. I can see the texture very well Kim and it is an absolute beautiful piece. It is very much your style, which I just love.

  6. Just beautiful! I love the ‘ethereal’ look you get with your pieces. So delicate!

  7. ... love the piece and can see what you are wanting to achive ... just lovely and very inspirational ..... !

  8. I like to use acrylic and pan pastels together too. I think your work looks great on board I think it adds to the already organic feel to your work. I like the look you get from the cold wax. Is it a complicated process?

  9. Happy Easter Kim, hope you have a lovely weekend. I have just enjoyed looking at your recent work. Your willow stamp is really pretty and works so well. I love this piece which reminded me so much of a batik, and as you have used wax that explains it. I did my final art year at college, specialising in batik, large six foot pieces. Gosh so long ago now.
    Your orange post was really inspiring. As I always say, you have a such a unique style and create such lovely pieces. I really loved your book too with the flower. Such a pleasure to visit you .

  10. yes, courage needed every day to pick up the thread of the conversation within and stitch an image for the world to see! wonderful new work, kim!

  11. Thanks so much for sharing your visions, your awesome talent and your art!

  12. beautiful work - strength and calmness!
    :-) mano

  13. Your vision is stunning, Kim. Have fun with the bigger piece!

  14. Oh Kim, your wrapped wood block is lovely, I love the cracks of the paper showing through and all the textures. You make the most beautiful colors.

  15. This is lovely: spare but textured, tiny but hinting at more. Cindi