Wednesday, December 20, 2017


I made some gift packaging recently. 

Some of it I sold, and some I kept for myself to package up some Christmas gifts. 

In my traditional way of making things, 
I sewed and decorated envelopes from paper that was blank on one side. 

I stamped leaves or Christmas designs on the sewn envelopes as well as on some stickers, and tore stripes of old sheer curtains for the ribbon. 

Now its time to get the gifts inside them and put them under the tree!

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Squiggly Bits Jewelry

I used heavy wire to make these new bracelets
that have a squiggly bit of wrapped wire in the middle. 

I do find bangles hard to make due to the different sizes of hands and wrists.

Especially since I have such small hands and wrists and 
therefore I can't use mine to measure.  

I decided to try some similar style earrings
which due to their size were a bit tricky with the heavy wire. 

Necklaces were thought about..... but haven't happened yet.