Sunday, May 27, 2018

. . . . . Before New Growth . . . . .

I continue to struggle to find time to create.... 
but a few nights ago, I found myself with an hour or two of time. 
It was supposed to be an hour or two of cleaning time, 
but I gave myself permission to create instead. 

It has been a late spring here, and the leaves were not out...
and this inspired me to find some of my winter tree photographs
and create this tiny accordion style book. 

I  enjoyed this creative time

and knowing I will have more time soon makes me smile. 

Until then this will have to do....

so I called this piece 'Before New Growth'

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

More Etched Metal Jewelry

I have been busy making etched metal jewelry. 
I haven't done it for a long time,
but when I was asked to do a jewelry project in the local high school
I thought etched metal would be lots of fun. 

In order to prepare I made a variety of pieces 
and ended up with lots of necklaces - long and short necklaces
- with bigger etched pieces and small etched pieces 
- with pieces of squiggly wrapped wire or not
- and mounted on a cotton cord or a wire circle.

and one bracelet.....

I can't wait to see what the students create!