Monday, September 29, 2014

Book Making

I had a great time this weekend,
teaching 11 people how to make books!
I loved seeing how different each book was.
What wonderful creativity!

This is the book I finished during the course. 
I did start another couple during some demonstrations, 
but those will be put on the back burner for some time
as I have other projects on the go that need my attention.

I hope you had as wonderful a weekend as I did!

Saturday, September 20, 2014

How I Spent My Summer Vacation

To be honest I don't get summer vacations.
Working in the tourism industry like I do
where our season is from May to September 
 it is rare for me to get much time away from the job during the summer.

I worked long hours this summer, 
but I thought I would share a few of the highlights of things I did do.

WARNING - this post is full of images!

The above picture is taken from the helicopter 
as we were flying to the Lowell Glacier to do some work.


The images above are of the Lowell Glacier. 
The icebergs in the river are huge (many of them are the size of a house)

The area by the glacier is dry and windy


Younger daughter and I spent a beautiful day in August hiking 
to Thunder Egg Creek

It was August
but the leaves were already starting to change colour

These sandstone concretions
are locally called thunder eggs.

They form in the side of the cliffs, 
which erodes away over time,
and the thunder eggs roll down the cliff.

It was definitely a wonderful day spent together.


Older Daughter and I had a Grand Adventure that I previously shared here

And we also went for our 3rd annual visit to the Alaska coast
which is only a 2-3 hour drive away. 

The weather wasn't too nice,
but we had a great time poking around 

and collecting rocks on the beach.

And since there was no one around
and the tide was high

we shed some clothes 
and jumped into the ocean

(ok - my jump was more of a slither, and I didn't stay in long
It was VERY cold!)

The coastal trees were enshrouded in fog,
which was beautiful.
until the fog came down to the road, 
and our drive home through the fog was long and difficult.


And then right near the end of the summer,
I went for a plane ride over the glaciers and icefields
in hope to be able to see Mt. Logan (Canada's highest mountain)
The weather was too stormy, but the mountain and glacier views were still amazing.

So even though a lot of time was spent working this summer 
I still had some wonderful adventures. 

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Season of Hope

Another piece I made for the 
'I Too Will Something Make'  exhibition. 

It is called 
'Season of Hope'
and is a combination of collage, ink, paint. pastels and wax medium.

It changed so many times during its making
and buried into one layer is an image of an old cabin.

It landed here - and I said done.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

I Too Will Something Make

11 members of our local art guild are presently showing a collection of our creations
in a gallery in Whitehorse (100 miles away).

All of our creations are influenced by the beautiful natural world 
that is all around us.

 Unfortunately the lighting the day I took these images was not good
But I needed to pack up my pieces and get them to the gallery,
and I didn't want this piece to leave without having a few pictures of it. 

The title of the exhibition

"I Too Will Something Make" 
(from a poem by Robert Bridges)
 was about the joy that creating brings to all of us. 

Monday, September 1, 2014

Close to Home

Lately I seem to struggle with words,
and giving this creation a title was difficult.

And I almost didn't title it.
But it is heading to an exhibition, 
and therefore it was said a title was needed. 

So I sat quietly with my creation. 
It's story buried within.

I knew it was about being rooted
I knew it was about the depth and strength of self 

But then I learned that self was also home - 
my body being home for the me within.

The story continued and told the tale of taking opportunities that are all around us.
Of  reaching to places that are not so comfortable -  be they near or far,
while still staying true to self,
or as the title says -  'Close to Home'.