Thursday, September 29, 2016

Biking Away

Biking has been beautiful this fall

But the leaves have left my part of the world, 
and the snow is creeping down the mountain,
So daughter Savannah and I 
are heading out on a biking adventure in Washington 
- where perhaps we will find fall again. 

Bike touring is new to me, 
but I have been preparing for it for the past few months, 
and am all packed and ready to go. 

We are staying in hostels 
and with biking friends that we have yet to meet,
So I made a few biking cards and bike tube notebooks 
to give away along our route. 

And off we go..... see you in a few weeks time!

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Creating with Whatever

I am not sure what will happen inside this book
but I created it without thinking of where it will go from here. 

It's pages are made from a variety of paper that was sitting around my studio. 

It also has a different binding style then I usually make.

But that is what I like about creating.....

Just making whatever presents itself at the moment. 

This little notebook came about last week after I bought a new hat. 
I liked the tags that were attached to it, and I wanted 
a new small notebook for my upcoming trip,
and so I used the tags for the cover. 

The tag on the back cover makes me laugh.  

I am looking forward to using this little notebook
when I head out next weekend.  

Monday, September 12, 2016

A Perfect Fit

Making jewelry out of antlers has been on my 
want to try list for a long time. 
Here are the 7 pieces that I managed to finish.

I have some more on my work table,
but need to get a new drill bit after breaking the one I was using. 

These ones are made from moose or caribou antler. 
 I really like that they are uneven and chunky.

I cut and shaped some reclaimed metal to make the bails, 
and connected them with a piece of brass wire that I hammered. 

I decided on using simple black cords to hang them on 

And then tried them on. 
I think they fit perfectly!
 (or just as I had imagined anyway) 

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Thumbs Up Mini Adventure

I have been meaning to share some images from a trip
my daughter and I went on  over 3 weeks ago
and I am finally making it happen. 

It is always difficult for us to get days off work at the same time
during our busy summer season,but we managed a 2 day adventure together.

We hiked along beautiful Kathleen Lake

 and I took pictures of  Dana.... 

And she took pictures of me

We camped at Louise Lake for the night,
and made the return hike back along Kathleen Lake the next day.  

It was definitely a beautiful and thumbs up  mini adventure!

I am now in the midst of preparing for a major adventure with my other daughter 
- both nervous and excited about that!