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Drawn to Collage is an online course that I am teaching through  
21 SECRETS - Paper, Glue, Scissors and is on sale now!  
I would love it if you joined me and the other 20 teachers!  
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  1. Hi Kim, I know this is an older tute, the one of you stamping and painting on T bags, but these pieces were simply over the top! I just adored them! I have, on more occasion then not, had trouble stamping black perm. inks onto used T bags. I thought my stampers were full up of ink, but they come out really faint on the empty T-Bags. Also wondering, do you stamp after you paint them, or prior, I'm certain that makes a difference as well. Again Kim, your works are all simply drool worthy! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Where do you get small stamps. And how do color teabags?