Monday, January 14, 2019

Daily Creative Sessions - Take Ten

Recently, I set myself a goal  -  daily 10 minute creative sessions. 

and this is what my 10 minutes turned into the other day.

Okay - this took me way more than 10 minutes to create, 
but that is how it started.  

The pages in this little book are pockets....
and inside the pockets are mini blank books.

At the moment only the pockets are decorated
..... eventually the mini books in the pockets will have something on them as well.  

During my next 10 minute creative session I thought 
I should make these at the visual journaling group I host on Tuesday nights.
So I created a less time consuming version to share if they are interested.  

If you haven't anything to do on Tuesday night 
and are in my neighbourhood  
- feel free to join us in the art room of the local school.... :-)