Monday, March 5, 2018

Matchbook Notepads - Tutorial

I realize that many people don't use notepads anymore,
but I am a list maker - and love having little notepads handy at all times. 

I always have scraps of card-stock and plain paper that is leftover from bigger projects, 
as well as a never ending supply of hand decorated paper.

So I thought I would share how to make these matchbook notepads. 

Gather scraps of notepaper, card-stock and decorated paper.

     Cut the pieces to size and then glue 
      the decorated paper to the card-stock. 

Fold the decorated card-stock so that it has a small flap at the bottom and
insert the stack of notepaper. 

Staple the pages and the folded flap similar to a matchbook cover.

Fold the top part over and tuck it under the stapled piece.  
If it is too long, trim it a bit. 

Once it is the the right size and tucked under the flap, crease the top. 

If you don't have any decorated paper.... you can always use a piece out of a magazine. 

When I make them I seem to end up with quite a stack of them. 

But.... that isn't really a problem!