Tuesday, November 28, 2017

A Stack of Bowls

And so my stack of paper pulp & tea bag bowls has grown. 

This one is thick and chunky and 
I decorated it with a copy of a drawing I did a few years ago. 

I loved the look of the layer or overlapping tea bags in this one,
so I chose not to cover it up with paint. 

This bowl has a number of layers of paint on 
and I really like the texture on the outside of the bowl.

And this final little bowl is decorated with trees from 
a photograph I took a few years ago.  

I love when I can use my drawings or photographs in new creations. 

These bowls have a final layer of wax that seals and protects them. 
They are great for holding collections of stones and sticks
..... not so good for holding soup!

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Bowl Making

Yesterday I spent much of my day working on bowl making.  
I started them many months ago, and they have waited patiently for my return.   
I managed to finish 2, and prepped four more. 

These bowls are made from egg carton pulp 
that is covered with layers of tea bag paper and paint 
before being decorated. 
The final coat is a layer of encaustic wax. 

I have a plan for this one.....

but this one will just happen as I go along. 

I was planning to work on these today, but the day was sunny.....

and the mountains called me. 

Maybe I will work on them tomorrow.....

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Refillable Notebooks - Take 2

Here are two more refillable notebooks that I recently completed. 

The covers on these are much more complex than the last ones I posted about. 
These covers have layers of paper, fabric, collage, paint and wax
- that in the end makes a supple yet sturdy cover. 

Inside are a variety of pages - some decorated, some from old books and some plain. 

The pages can be removed from the book, and new pages inserted whenever needed.  
These books each hold 2 signatures of pages, so are thicker than the previous ones I made. 

The cover has a small flap on the right hand side 
that folds over the pages when the book is closed.  

Here you can see the entire cover - the front, the back and the flap  
 - now time for the pages. 

All ready to be written, drawn or glued into!