Sunday, March 31, 2019

Focus on Gratitude

It has been a challenging few weeks in my neck of the woods 
and I have had difficulty sleeping. 
Productivity has been down, and worry has sky rocketed. 

Fortunately for me, 
I have a loving, caring, supportive family to lean on. 

During these challenging weeks, my dad 
(who is turning 86 years young tomorrow!)
continues to remind me to be grateful for all the good things I do have. 
He has a small journal style book that he uses to record the things he is grateful for. 
My dad is not a writer -for him to sit down and write is difficult
 but he does it to remind himself of his daily gratitudes

- from the blue sky and fresh air that he walks in
- to his good health
- and to having more food than he needs
- he is always thankful. 

Recently he offered me his gratitude journal to take and write in, 
as he felt it would help me focus on the many good things I do have.  
Instead of taking his book, I made this book into my gratitude journal 
and have been trying to write a sentence or two in it daily.   

Although the challenges I have right now are still here 
I try to remember all the good things I do have 
 and with that I know many wonderful things will continue to come my way.