Saturday, January 24, 2015

Collage Play

I love the work of Magaly Ohika, and last summer 
she posted a free tutorial on how she creates her lovely collage girls.
I finally had some play time and gave it a try.

My girl, of course looks nothing like hers - which is fine. 

And one girl lead to another 

which lead me to make a copy of the second girl
to which I added some lines, shading and some ink. 

I then decided to decorate some paper that I could use in future collages. 

I am pretty sure there are more to come!

Sunday, January 18, 2015


This is an accordion book I made about a year ago.
I like the inside view..... I just never liked the cover.

Here you can see the old cover - the bird looking too dark and frightening. 

And so I fixed it ..... finally.

Now the whole book makes me happy. 

I have also been continuing on with my drawing/painting work
for the Sketchbookery online course I am taking with Mary Ann Moss. 

Most people are on the beginning of the 4th and final week
but I am still working on week 1 and slowly moving into week 2.
I have access to it for a whole year, and it may just take me that long to get through it!

Sunday, January 11, 2015


As I reflected on 2014, I decided it was a far too busy year for me, 
so therefore I am trying to make some changes so as not to have it repeated.  
2015 will be busy - I am always busy - I just don't want too busy.

I don't usually choose a word to focus on for the year, 
but for now I have chosen the word SELF.
I hope that it will help me focus on what I do want to do,
and where I am not willing to put my energy. 

I may only use SELF for a month or two, or then again I could use it for many years.

One of the things I decided that I did want to do  was to spend some time drawing. 
It was about 8 - 9 years ago that I decided that I wanted to learn to draw, 
and began spending time drawing.

To continue on with this goal,
I am taking an online course -  Sketchbookery by Mary Ann Moss
I am trying to learn to draw everyday items from around my house - and then add a bit of paint

Last year I was very focused on final outcome of creations
This year I hope there are some creations that are final outcome focused,
 but my plan is to spend more time practicing, learning and not worrying about the final product. 

So here are some of the drawings/paintings I have made this week. 

I am drawing in pen (no erasing)
and began on scrap pieces of paper - so it doesn't matter if they turn out or not. 

I want to learn to draw from real things rather than from images.
So I started with my tiny tea pot.

After I drew my wonky jug on scrap paper, I added some watercolours
but that paper doesn't hold up too well, so tried again on heavier paper.

I was just going to draw my little pine needle basket - but the paints were right there 
so they got added to the mix.

And after I painted these, they were delicious to eat!

I found the perspective on this little succulent difficult,
and I know I will have to try it again another day.

I drew these tulips on scrap paper early in the week, when they were fresh.
The painted tulip was from yesterday when it was ready to drop its petals. 

I am challenging myself to draw (and paint if I want) for a minimum of 15 minutes each day. 
Some days it may not happen - and that is okay. 

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Travelling Journals

I just finished making a journal that is now on its way to Africa.

My older daughter Savannah, left the Yukon this morning on her way to Egypt.
She will be bicycling from Egypt in the North of Africa, all the way to South Africa.

I decorated the journal covers with an old map of Africa
and my hand carved bicycle and leaf stamp. 

Inside there are a few envelopes for collected bits
as well as a few bicycles to decorate the pages

I am sure it will be filled with many adventures over the next 4 months!

My younger daughter Dana left about a week ago
and is travelling through England, Scotland and Ireland.

She has this journal with her, which I made for her last year
before she headed to Spain, Italy, France and Switzerland.

There were still some pages left to fill, so she didn't need me to make her a new one.

I think they are both pretty happy to be away from winter for a while
(it is minus forty today - brrr!)