Sunday, January 4, 2015

Travelling Journals

I just finished making a journal that is now on its way to Africa.

My older daughter Savannah, left the Yukon this morning on her way to Egypt.
She will be bicycling from Egypt in the North of Africa, all the way to South Africa.

I decorated the journal covers with an old map of Africa
and my hand carved bicycle and leaf stamp. 

Inside there are a few envelopes for collected bits
as well as a few bicycles to decorate the pages

I am sure it will be filled with many adventures over the next 4 months!

My younger daughter Dana left about a week ago
and is travelling through England, Scotland and Ireland.

She has this journal with her, which I made for her last year
before she headed to Spain, Italy, France and Switzerland.

There were still some pages left to fill, so she didn't need me to make her a new one.

I think they are both pretty happy to be away from winter for a while
(it is minus forty today - brrr!)


  1. I don't know what to comment on first. The absolutely lovely journals or your adventurous daughters!!! But then you mentioned the temperature………minus 40!!!!!?????? Seriously? I can't even imagine that! Brrr is an understatement!!!!

  2. love love love the journals, and can't wait to hear about the adventures they will have!

  3. I'll bet you didn't imagine this adventure when she was just learning to balance on those 2 wheels. Oh the places they go! What thrilling stories your girls will fill those pages with!

  4. Minus forty is ridiculous! Are your girls actually smiling in their photo? Ahhh the enthusiasm of young ones! I hope they both have incredible experiences and that they fill their gorgeous travel journals with awesome memories.
    You are going to miss them. :(