W E L C O M E ! 

 My name is Kim Henkel, and I love to create, teach 
and share my adventures along the way.
The hours that pass by with glue on my fingertips, 
and paint filled brushes close at hand are treasured hours.  
But creating is not always easy.  
It is often a challenging puzzle that at times seems unsolvable -  
but oh what joy and relief there is 
when the colours and textures, and words and emotions
 tumble out just right layering themselves perfectly 
onto the canvas, or jewelry, or handmade book.

Oh yah..... I also love to go hiking and spend time in nature!


  1. Kim, Any chance of an upcoming journal making class? Really love your painting and printing techniques...

    1. I will be teaching an in person journal making class on April 1&2 in Whitehorse, Yukon. Not sure where you are commenting from. I am hoping to start creating on line classes as well, but my creative time is limited. I will continue to work towards this dream! Thanks for your comment

  2. Found you today through Roxanne’s book. I come from the very north of Sweden and do feel related both in your nature and your art. Thanks for inspiring me in my art.
    Ingrid petrini

  3. I love what you do! Is it possible to have the recipe for the bowl you make , you say it can hold water , how do you that. Thanks Lyne��