Thursday, September 29, 2016

Biking Away

Biking has been beautiful this fall

But the leaves have left my part of the world, 
and the snow is creeping down the mountain,
So daughter Savannah and I 
are heading out on a biking adventure in Washington 
- where perhaps we will find fall again. 

Bike touring is new to me, 
but I have been preparing for it for the past few months, 
and am all packed and ready to go. 

We are staying in hostels 
and with biking friends that we have yet to meet,
So I made a few biking cards and bike tube notebooks 
to give away along our route. 

And off we go..... see you in a few weeks time!


  1. I love those cards. And the tube booklets are such a great idea. Have a great ride!

  2. How kind of you to have give away's for your new found friends! Have a lovely time!

  3. Beautiful scenery! I haven't bike toured, but it looks wonderful...