Thursday, March 21, 2013

Finding Orange


In my search for orange this month I looked back through many creations and images of nature.  I found many oranges from the pinkish orange to the yellow orange and then to a rusty orange. 
My favourite creation with orange is found at the very bottom of the post.

A distressed style painting.

a collage/photo transfer

a collage
close up of tiger lily petals  

in my hand stitched tea bag luminary
a butterfly showing me it's beautiful bits of orange 

a painting on a block of wood
  a collage made with pressed tiger lily petals

orange seaweed
fall leaves amongst the snow

 accordian book with an orange poppy highlight
collage and drawings on tags

 a journal page
and my beautiful orange haired daughter !

To enjoy other views of  ORANGE please visit Julie's blog


  1. Beautiful Kim I love this one the most: 'accordian book with an orange poppy highlight'
    but as always they are all gorgeous (including your lovely daughter)

  2. wonderful pieces! your daughter is very pretty.. mine ( she is 12 ) has also red orange hair...

    I think this are very strong characters..aren´t they!?

  3. Very beautiful she is too, your daughter. I also love the tags, seaweed and the fall leaves in the snow - wonderfully orange!

  4. My favorite is your beautiful daughter. Now there's a creation to be proud of!

  5. Hi Kim- I enjoyed the review of your art-filled oranges (or is it orange-filled art?). Thanks for taking the time to play along in the Search for Roy.--Julie

  6. So happy to have you join us in our search!

  7. Kim, "Orange Haired Daughter" is a masterpiece!

  8. AH - that luminary!
    the kelp makes me homesick, here in Denver.

  9. I am speechless. This is a visual gallery all on its' own. I will be back many times to this spot, Kim. Love your work, as always!!!! N, xo

  10. Kim, your daughter is so beautiful. I see why she is your favorite. This is a beautiful post and I was tickled when I saw the collage that sits here all pretty like on my book shelf. I love orange.