Thursday, October 10, 2019

Many Botanical Bits

Yes I did complete my 100 day project
(which was to create botanical bits for 100 days), 
but life got so busy that I didn't get to post them.  

So here are some of them.... 

I began with some watercolour bits,

Which I then added scribbled pen marks too. 

and then a tiny bit of collage was added 
to the paint and scribbles

Over time the amount of collage increased and increased,

to a point where you could barely see the painting...
but it was still there. 

In the end I decided I had enough of watercolour and collage
and finished the 100 days of botanical bits 
with some ink drawings.  

I enjoyed the 100 day project, but it definitely 
added another thing to my already bursting 'To Do' list. 

Will I do it again?  
Hmmm.... I won't make any commitments just yet!


  1. 100 is a lot to commit to, but you did AWESOME! (or is it awesomely....whatever......) These are beautiful! ♥♥♥♥♥

  2. These are all amazing - I love the style and the colours - rich and elegant, and wonderfully interesting.

  3. These are wonderful. I so love the style and colours. What type of watercolours do you use? I want to get into watercolours but my colours are primarys and boring!

    1. Hmmm ..... I can't remember the brand, but I bought the artist grade paints as the pigments are more intense and make for brighter colours. Having primary colours is fine as you can mix them to whatever colour you want! So much fun!

  4. So lovely! I can relate to no more commitments though.

  5. Marvelous watercolor art! Congrats on your 100 day project! :)

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  7. Lovely colours ... a fascinating project. I often think I should commit to a project that commits me to making work every day. I know it would be good for me but somehow it just doesn’t happen. I wonder why?!

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