Monday, March 22, 2010

Winter Weeds, A Book and a Drawing

Winter Weeds are one of my favourite things lately, and I am sure they are going to end up on a cover of a book in the near future. For today my newest book has some basic embroidery and some bees on it....
I will continue to work on my drawing and painting skills this year - right now it is faces, and that may continue for a while... it takes me a lot of my creative time to draw, but I find it so relaxing and enjoyable. The hours can float by without me even noticing.

And.... here is the newest book. The cover is made with a layer of fabric, pages from a old book, old tea bags and of course lots of gel and liquid medium to hold it all together. oh yah - and then a layer of paste like wax..........Once again I used my rudimentary embroidery skills to add some dimension to the book. I am in the process of making another one of these, and will post it when it is done - I am waiting for the wax to dry, and then I will embroider on it and add the pages. Lots of fun - not enough time.

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