Monday, September 6, 2010

Imaginary Creature and Other Stuff

Last October I was fortunate enough to take a course with Carla Sonheim. My daughter and I travelled together to Oregon and took some art courses together in celebration of her 16th birthday. We had a wonderful time, and took an Imaginary Creatures course together. Carla has recently written a book that has many workshops in it, and one of them is imaginary creatures. I was looking at this book the last couple of days, and it reminded me of what fun I had creating these creatures. I do have to find some time this winter to do some more imaginary creature making - hopefully with some friends!

But lately my creative time has been spend with torch and solder in hand making jewellery components - now I need to get busy and make jewellery out of this pile of things.... I have done a wee bit of soldering before, but never this much. I also have never done resin work before, but I have ordered some resin, and am waiting for it to arrive to give it a try. If it works out I will post it here for anyone to see.... if it doesn't work out - well I guess I will try and try again!

P.S. The on line jewellery making class was amazing - I learned so much, and will continue to learn. It was with the multi talented Stephanie Lee


  1. Sounds like a wonderful time with your daughter! I look forward to sharing that type of thing with my little girl when she is old enough..
    Your jewelry pieces look great in that wooden form you used in the photo!

  2. what wonderful soldering! Looking gorgeous! I am excited for your resin to arrive so I can see what you create.
    See you this weekend?!

  3. Hi Kim,

    Thank you for your kind words on my last blog post. :) Your little creature is really cute. I'm thinking about taking an online class with Carla Sonheim. How fun that you had an art trip with your daughter, she'll always remember it.

  4. this looks SOOOO fun. i have done just a wee bit of soldering as well, but not this much and i have high hopes to try it soon. let me know how the resin goes.