Monday, February 21, 2011

My Daughters

It is rare that I talk about my family, but today I can't resist. These are my daughters. They are on there way to the Canada Winter Games in Halifax, Nova Scotia. They are the captain, and assistant captain of Yukon's female hockey team. It has been a long journey to get there, as we live 100 miles from the team they play with, and we travel it about the road about 4 days a week to get them to practice, games and training.

It is unlikely that they will win any games, as we live in the Yukon Territory (beside Alaska), and although the Territory is large in size, the population is small, (about 35,000). And although lots of people play hockey, when you compare it to provinces that have large populations we just don't have the population base to choose a competitive team.

But the girls are excited to play, and will do their best. The team makes smaller goals - rather than perhaps winning a game. The games will not be about the score, but rather that they tried there best, and maybe are able to get some shots on the other net.

Below is a link to a story about them that was shown on the Canadian National News.

I am very proud of them, and wish them a wonderful experience at the games no matter how lopsided the scores may be.


  1. How exciting! I love hockey, its so much fun to watch. Best of luck to your daughters!

  2. only a canadian would do that. my son is in halifax at dalhousie and can't wait for all of this to start.