Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Faces and Tea Bags Collide

I am still enjoying mixing some of my images with tea bags.

I took a black and white quick sketch that I did some time ago that I thought would look good on a tea bag, and I transferred the image. I then used pan pastels to add the colour, and a fine marker to add some detail.
This drawing was also one I did some time ago, but was not a quick sketch, but rather a drawing that took me quite some time. It too was just done in pencil with no colour. Once I transfered the image, I added colour with pan pastals, and detail with a fine marker. Adding the marker gave these pieces quite a different feel then the bird drawings that collided with tea bags not long ago.


  1. Kim, you are going all out. Your creativity inspires me. Thanks for your very cool blog.

  2. Incredibly beautiful Kim... I just love what you done here with your gorgeous drawings and tea bags...

    Jenny x

  3. Hi Kim. Your teabag works are really colliding well....the pastel and ink combination are stunning.

  4. I am sooooo happy you came by today. Thank you for your kind words. I really admire your work and it means a lot that you dropped by.

    You have some more beauty here I see. So inspiring!

  5. Wonderful portraits. You convey such depth and feeling in their expressions.

  6. Oo, I love this! So many wonderful things you can do with tea bags! Awesome painting Kim!