Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Creative Play

Thanks to a blog post by Jennifer, I have been in the middle of a creative adventure.

I wet some pieces of watercolour paper,
added some dried bits and pieces of petals i have, and stacked them up.

When I had 4 or 5 pieces stacked up, I folded them in half, flattened them the best I could, and secured them with a piece of string.
I made 3 bundles, that I then placed on top of a bowl inside my crock pot.  I put a bit of water in the bottom, with the idea that the paper wouldn't get soaked, just steamed.  I then left if for about 8 hours.

Here is what the bundle looked like after I took it out of the pot.

And some pages when I opened them up, but before they were dry, and had the petals removed.  The brownish pages in the middle of the picture, fell into the water, and are a more all over brown colour.

The pages are mostly a variety of brown colours - good thing I like brown.

I like how I can see where some of the petals were put.

I haven't decided if I will make a book with it or what. 

The whole experiment got me thinking.  When I make handmade paper, and put petals in it, I do get the colours from some of the petals staining the page.  So I took a couple of the pieces that didn't have too much colour on them, and I got them soaking wet, and sandwiched petals between them. Then I just left them to dry.  

   Although some of the colours did transfer,  I didn't really like how the pages turned out.  I may have to try it again, and remove the petals when the paper is still wet... we will see.


  1. These are gorgeous! A special little dog and I are coming out for a napkin party on Saturday if you are available

  2. Thank you for your comment on m blog. I sold my first Tasmanian Devil doll last Sunday!
    You have a fantastic blog here,very inspiring. I like your adventurous creative process! Just starting to get into more creative play myself!

  3. Hey Kim, what an interesting experiment ❀❀❀....I'm sure if you tweaked the process you would get the desired effect.
    Love the last pic with the blues and pinks.
    Have had a lovely visit to your blog....love your work.
    Thanks for visiting me at Sweet Birdy Love..

    Claire :}

  4. Very ineresting! I would never have thought of using a crock pot! Can't wait to see what you make with these!

  5. I love seeing your experiments, you always seem to have so much fun with your creations x

  6. What fun you had! I'm glad you posted your photos. It's always intriguing to see others' results when experimenting. I used fresh roses yesterday and got pinks and purple [due to the rusty bits, I think]. The garden is being viewed with a whole new eye.

    Thank you for link to my blog! I mentioned your experiment too in last night's post so, hopefully, you'll have a few more visitors strolling over to take a look...and maybe we'll inspire others to do a bit of cooking in the studio.

    Enjoy! Jennifer

  7. Wow what a great idea I love how the papers turned out.

  8. Great experiment, Kim. I get all excited when I see bundled papers. so cool to see the step by step that you did. i just know it's going to turn in to something wonderful by you.

    I have half a mind to jump in the car and see it in person! I do realize however that you might not be as up for visitors while you're still recovering. It is nice to know I have you as a highway neighbor though! I guess they must have opened the road by now.

    Thinking of you. xoxo Kim

  9. An interesting excercise. I actually like tho ones with a little colour. Could end up torn in collages.

  10. I like the pages with bits of color but I am a color freek. the crock pot idea has me thinking! and I have my CPS cancer piece on my blog. mailed it out today, wasn't sure I was going to finish it on time.

  11. Hi Kim, I am so glad you left a comment on my blog so I could find you! Be still my fluttering heart...what you are doing with petals and paper is exciting...I LOVE soft ethereal colour because it is a way of creating an inviting mystery for the viewer. There is a flower shop near my studio and I'm going to ask them if they have flowers they dispose of! And now I'll be tempted to stop along the roadside and grab some wildflowers :)