Saturday, September 21, 2013


Nineteen long months ago, I received a concussion while playing in a hockey game.
I have since spent my time working towards healing.
I have spent many many hours laying quietly in a darkened room. 
I was not able or allowed to do any exercise,
 and struggled to read, work on the computer, watch TV, listen to music or the radio.
 During the summer of  2012  I ached to be able to go out and run
 I wrote the following words.
I want to run,
and feel my heart
Feel my body
ache and move.
I want to feel each muscle
do its work.
The sun shining down,
as I move my feet
in rhythm
down the road.
I want to run.
I took this picture of myself two nights ago - as I was running.
And the following pictures are of my view along the way.


  1. Such an inspiration!! Good for you - continue enjoying that view during your runs!!

  2. Yay for you! Such a beautiful place to run. You go girl!

  3. What a great achievement .I am so pleased for you, Kim.

  4. Oh Kim, I am so happy for you. I know how careful you have been to allow yourself to heal. This is great news and of course I like your scenery. This makes me smile.

  5. Amazing. As a runner myself, I can begin to understand the ache inside, of not being able to. However I cannot fathom having to endure this. I feel the universe lays out these obstacles for reasons, whatever they are we may not see at the time... and sometimes can never understand why. But at the days end, look at you! Out running again in that beautiful atmosphere. Thanks for sharing Kim! :)

  6. Kim,Im very pleased that you have recovered. Congratulations on all you hard work.

  7. Powerful words for an amazing healing! YAY - YOU!

  8. very glad to see you running again. Hope all is going well in your world!

  9. Run baby, R-U-N!!! Woo Hoo to you and hip hip hooray for Mother Nature. Those colors dripping with the mystery that is life. I'm enjoying the changing colors of the leaves as usual at this time of year but we've been so warm the changes are later than usual. They are starting here though. Up your way the changing colours are spectacular. What I especially like is the fog/low cloud coverage with that fluffy pale pigeon grey kissed hue, contrasted with stark darks of mountains and ridges peppered with deep green evergreens and then up closer the changing colours of the leaves. I love my eyes. I love this post. Hugs, N, xo

  10. What a journey you've been on Kim........congrats on achieving your goal.
    With beautiful scenery around you I can understand the burning desire to get out there and enjoy it......

  11. Excited for you glad healing has finally arrived for you. I love seeing a picture of you will happy, smiling eyes.

    Your views are icing on the cake. Breathtaking.

  12. So very glad to hear you are running again my friend. Keep going girl, you are fabulous!!

  13. Congratulations, Kim! Hmmm words to describe you: strong, brave, creative! xo Carole

  14. What a frightening experience, but am so very glad to hear how far you've come. Your surroundings are beautiful--I'm sure they helped in the healing process as much as they inspire your work!

  15. Oh my gosh, Kim, what a moving post, how you have healed (are healing) and that you are running through your mountainous, beautiful Yukon. I love your poem and that it has come true.