Thursday, December 5, 2013

Tea Bags Again

I am back to playing with tea bags

Which I used to make both the inside and outside cover of this book

It is a soft cover book
 made with layers of paper, fabric, tea bags and glue with a paste wax finish.

All ready to be written or drawn in


  1. beautiful
    i love the teal against the warm golden browns

  2. Hi Kim, just found your blog through pinterest. Wow, what amazingly beautiful creations you make, I'm in awe... Happy to have found you! Hugs and happy day, Wendy

  3. Every time I make a pot of tea I think of you. Love your books!

  4. have i not been saving up tea bags recently, not exactly knowing what to do with them...
    you are giving me great ideas here....

    i wonder if perhaps any tea bags could be turning up here :
    our new drawing challenge theme is up.
    we'd love to have you, naturally.

  5. I need to get ready for work, but this was a lovely way to start the morning. Very much enjoyed your book.

  6. Thanks for your tea bag idea. I have been collecting them since I read about it here - Hugs Nat