Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Maybe Just Maybe

Maybe as the summer season begins to wind down
I will begin to find more time to create.

But I don't want summer to end 
I just want more time to create.

Maybe there is a way to have both summer days and creative time?
Or at least I can hope.

This journal has been slowly progressing over the past few weeks

For now the pages are blank
Maybe I will fill them,
 Maybe I will put it out into the world for someone else to fill.

Maybe one day I will use this computer altered piece in another creation
Maybe just maybe.

But for now I am heading out to enjoy a beautiful summer day.


  1. Enjoy the weather while you can! When you’re cooped up this winter you’ll have plenty of time to create! ;)

  2. oooh...I viewed up close, sooo Beautiful Kim. and I am right there with you...I don't want the summer to end either! ;)

  3. Such a beautiful journal it deserves to be filled with wonderful things. Enjoy your summer..

  4. For me, too, summer is a less productive time in the studio - I think because of our northern seasonal cycles, with such short and glorious summers, I feel compelled to the point of guilt to be outdoors most of the time!
    This journal is very fine, Kim. Best wishes, enjoying summer light to the fullest - sus

  5. A magical book for sure. Summertime is for living easy and enjoying the sun!

  6. Gorgeous work! Summer is so precious and so full - it is certainly hard to find time to do everything we want. We have to have some time to enjoy it all, too...