Monday, November 24, 2014

Blacksmith Jewelry

In October I went to visit my sister in Nova Scotia.

Besides having a wonderful visit with her and her family and the farmyard animals

We spent many wonderful hours together in her blacksmith shop.
(Her husband builds these wonderful cement dome building - and built her one to create in)

Her 'Smithy' (as she affectionately calls it)
is a wonderful place to spend time in.

Here I am heating up some copper and ready to do some pounding
(note my very small hammer!)

I hammered many copper rings while I was there.....

And when I got home made earrings

and necklaces.

My sister though,
wields a much bigger hammer

and bends much heavier pieces of metal.

She creates hardware for doors (see the dome smithy image), many different styles of hooks

as well as hangers for signs..... she also created the beautiful sign to go on this hanger.

But while I was visiting she worked mostly on jewelry
And what a beautiful collection she made.  

I do hope to go again next year!

In case you would like to see more of her creations, you can visit her at


  1. Well, that was interesting! I see you have a Facebook button so I've shared this. Being in Australia, I cannot guarantee any business...

  2. Oh my, "Smithy", lovely place to work and very nice creations. I like a lot! <3

  3. wonderful little story and voyage you took us with and I like the ancient rustic charme of the work.
    barbara bee

  4. That is so cool, Kim. You put that special magic to everything you do!

  5. Way cool! A visit with your sister AND a private art retreat all in one! Aren't you lucky! Lovely EVERYTHING! The 'Smithy' as well as all of the creations made therein! ♥♥♥♥

  6. How fun! I've always wanted to try welding - now I'll add smiting to my list :)